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Overseas Committee

Natural medicine therapy, alternative medicine therapy professional organization



Dr. Gaulan Josh, India (Director, Ayurveda Hospital)
Government Infectious Disease Prevention Researcher (Skin, Tumor Specialist)

Oman Faris. Dr. Alhajari Hydrothermal Treatment Developer

United States (Florida)
Dr. Michael Marx (Natural Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Medicine) (Practitioner)



United States (Connecticut)
Margaret Lagu Dr. Natural Medicine and Lawyer Natural Healing Center LLC and Law Firm Management


Dr. Karin E. Nielsen, Spain
CPG, health food analyst and strategist.


United States (California)
Todd Aborn Doctor of Natural Medicine (Practitioner)
Deputy Representative of Bourne Natural Medicine Association


Germany, Switzerland, United States Doctor of Medicine Anita Baxus (Representative of Biolica International)
Instruct doctors on Praquex treatment and cell therapy.


United States (Arizona)
Bobby Aldira Medical Doctor Arizona Integrative Medicine Researcher Healthcare Integrative Advanced Treatment Model Consultant Orlando Hospital Cancer Treatment Center



United States (New Jersey)
Dr. Jaffrey Deal (World Class Service / Owner CEO)



Dr. Ron Fenwick, Australia (Holistic Medical Scientist / Iridologist / Sclerologist)


United States (New York)
Dr. Yansu Liu, Ph.D. in Natural Medicine and Homeopathic Naturopathic Therapy Health Center,
Examiner of Naturopathic Physician (North American Committee)



United States (Connecticut)
Crystal Crawford Ph.D. in Natural Medicine (Bridgeport Graduate School of Natural Medicine)


India and Thai Glue Dr. Dio (Yoga Master)
Ph.D. in Global Studies in Yoga


United States (California)
Roy Detman Doctor of Medicine (OMD, MH, Natural Medicine)
Brighton Method Developer


United States (Arizona)
Theo Christophrakis Ph.D. in Natural Medicine (Professor, Graduate School of Natural Medicine and Health Sciences, Southwestern Arizona)


Dr. Danang Jai Alankor, UK Researcher, National Institute of Natural Therapy: Ministry of Science and Technology (DST) (Integration of Evidence Assessment and Traditional Health System)

Dr. Pakistani Sartan, MBA
Pain Souser CEO (Pain Management and Conservation Spine Program)


United States (Washington DC)
Former Professor Tetsuo Hirose
Chinese medicine (traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion)

United States (Georgia)
Dr. Brenda Nelson Porter, Consultant, Medical and Health Science Research Company

United States (Arizona)
Kelly Pomeroy (CEO of BKK)
Delivering prolotherapy (proliferative therapy) in the field of orthopedics developed by her husband, Dr. Pomeroy, to the world


Dr. Iran Collidi Sharifi University of Tehran Western Medicine and Islamic Medicine Yunani

Natural medicine therapy, complementary and alternative medicine profession

Naturopathic Therapy, Complementary and Alternative Medical Science Professional Organization

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